Month: February 2023

5 Benefits to Obtaining Your Food Handlers Card

Posted - February 28, 2023
Food has lots of benefits. It sustains us, gives us energy and makes life a little more enjoyable. But what about food handling? If Read More

How To Get an Alcohol Service Certification in Texas

Posted - February 21, 2023
Some things aren’t very difficult to find in Texas. (Brisket, Tex-Mex and bluebonnets come to mind.) Other things, like being Read More

5 Reasons To Get Your Food Allergen Certificate

Posted - February 15, 2023
If you found out that someone you love was living with a dangerous disease, would you do what you could to make sure they’re as safe Read More

Safe Food Handling 101: What Is (and Isn’t) Safe

Posted - February 7, 2023
We all have unique talents and experiences. As such, we’re knowledgeable in some areas and not in others. And that’s OK! But if Read More

7 Risks Involved With Serving Alcohol

Posted - February 2, 2023
“Everything in moderation.” That’s how the popular saying goes, but when alcohol is involved, many don’t know when to stop. This Read More