Month: December 2022

Do You Need A Permit To Serve Food or Alcohol in Utah?

Posted - December 28, 2022
Fencing. Electricity. Plumbing. There are several lines of work in Utah that require a permit to ensure regulations are followed and Read More

3 Goals Every Food Service Manager Should Have in 2023

Posted - December 22, 2022
A new year is a new chance to improve yourself. Some use this time as motivation to exercise more. Others commit to improving financial Read More

Why Every Bartender Needs a TABC Server Certification

Posted - December 13, 2022
There are several factors that contribute to excellent bartending. A great personality is one of them. An ability to mix drinks properly Read More

4 Professions That Can Benefit from a Food Handlers Card

Posted - December 7, 2022
Some things can be taken lightly, such as memes or humorous restaurant signs. Food safety, on the other hand, is a serious matter. If Read More

Food Allergy Statistics That May Surprise You

Posted - December 2, 2022
Food trends come and go, whether it’s the latest diet fad or a nationwide push to reduce meat, dairy and/or gluten consumption. One Read More